Daughters of the Prairie

By Helen Hardt
January 2022
Small Town Romance

The Outlaw’s Angel The last thing bounty hunter Bobby Morgan expects after a stay in a small Dakota town is to wake up in a dirty jail cell accused of a crime he didn’t commit. When a preacher’s beautiful daughter provides a means for escape, he takes it. On the run with his feisty hostage, Bobby swears to her he means her no harm.

Lessons of the Heart Spinster schoolteacher Ruth Blackburn has accepted her fate. She’s not meant for love, especially not with ill-mannered—though excruciatingly handsome—Garth Mackenzie, the widowed father of one of her students. She’ll just have to ignore the fact that he makes her skin heat.

Song of the Raven Ella Morgan loves her mother and father, but she’s grown weary of their overbearing protectiveness. She longs for excitement, adventure, and most of all, love. When she finds an injured Lakota warrior hiding in her barn, she’s intrigued by the brave and handsome man.


The stories keep you wanting more
This writer also keeps you on your toe. You just never what to put her books down.
- Catherine Quintana
The Outlaw’s Angel
This book is early Wild West setting romance about Naomi and Bobby! I had read these books years ago and was super excited to revisit the old west again while I was waiting for Descent to go live!! Reading about a simpler time- which wasn’t always so simple- was exactly what I needed to read about right now! I loved this storyline!
- Corinne Akers
So amazing!
I’ve always love little house on the prairie. I swear I was born in the wrong time period and belonged there! Helen did an amazing job with the storyline and taking me to that time period! Absolutely loved the books!!
- Stephanie Cameron