Misadventures in Blue

By Sierra Simone
May 2022
Age-Gap Romance

Senior Detective Cat Day has one hard and fast rule about dating: no cops. They live hard and die young—a truth she’s faced every day since her fiancé’s tragic death several years ago. But when rookie Jace Sutton shows up to work the same robbery investigation, she feels desire she hasn’t felt in years.

Jace knows what he wants the minute Detective Day strolls onto his crime scene in heels and a pencil skirt tailored by God himself. He wants to thaw the legendary Ice Queen, and it only takes one hot, dirty night for Jace to realize he wants more. Much, much more.

But more is the last thing Cat wants from any cop—especially a playboy rookie like Jace. As the robbery investigation heats up and he repeatedly puts himself in danger, Cat must ask herself if Jace will be as reckless with her heart as he is with his life.


Captivating, Sexy and Emotional Age Gap Romance
Misadventures in Blue was just the amazing read I've been craving. This captivating, sexy, and emotional age gap romance had me hooked from the first page. I loved the sparks that flew between Jace and Cat and how no matter how hard they tried to fight them giving in was inevitable. Cat's doubts pulled at my emotions and made me empathize so much more with her character. I wanted to hug her tight and then make her see what was hers for the taking. There was so much more to Jace than met the eye. An old soul with a huge heart he had me swooning before I even realized it. That's not even taken in to consideration his dominant nature and naughty mouth which were both pluses in my eyes. Misadventures in Blue is a definite new favorite of mine from this fantastic series.
- Maria Hunt
Flash and substance
Leave to Sierra Simone to take what she undersold as a breezy, dirty cougar romp and turn it into this gorgeous, heart felt story - with this forbidden love quality. Being in Cat's head just tore at my soul. Sierra absolutely captured the emotional turmoil of being a woman and and professional and a "grown up" enriching her story with such poignancy, I won't soon forget it. Jace is no boy toy either. He's such an old soul, so elemental and world weary. The sex was incendiary - it was like they were trying to reduce their feelings for one another to ash - ash that could be swept away and ignored. But it doesn't work that way in Sierra's world. She's given us another story that you just want to wrap yourself up in. It's one of my favorite contemporary romances of 2019.
- Jeannie
I want to vacation in Sierra’s mind
Sierra Simone I want to vacation in your mind. Just when I think you cannot write any hotter men you brought Jace Sutton into my life. Hot young former military cop Jace meets older sexy, hardened, detective Cat. I see no issue with the age gap here. Cat, however, is concerned that she may be robbing Jace of some life experiences. Both have had plenty of life experiences that it’s time for their happily ever after. Steamy cop romance where they have no problem breaking the rules. Their chemistry won’t allow them to keep their hands off each other. Thank you Sierra for Misadventures in Blue.
- Debbie Clark