Slay All Day
by Cynthia Eden

About the book

What happens when a monster hunter falls for his prey?

Harrison Key has one job—hunt and destroy monsters. He’s taken out vamps, shifters, demons…It’s all in a night’s work for him. He protects the innocent and destroys the wicked. Case closed. The job doesn’t pay much and the benefits are literally hell, but a hunter is born to the work. Gifted with super strength and speed, Harrison was created to fight monsters.

As the queen of the fairies, Elise was born to trick and deceive, and, with way too many enemies closing in, she needs the most powerful protector imaginable at her side. Harrison is her destined mate, if he’ll just stop fighting monsters long enough to see that deep inside…he is a beast. A beast like no other. One that can blast fire and soar into the skies. A beast who can only be bound and tamed by love.

Can the queen of the fairies show a hunter that even monsters can love? Or when he finds out the truth about her, will rage be all that Harrison knows? Either way, things are about to get red hot.

"Elise is a strong character with so much fun, sass, and stubbornness. The perfect book for this time of year." ~LuvBooks Club

The LuvBooks Review

Meredith’s Review:

Slay All Day was the perfect Halloween read! Eden included characters from every walk of paranormal life, with plot twists that I never saw coming. Harrison and Elise were two strong characters who held their own but were even better together going to war against the baddies.

“She bounced a little and frowned  when she realized he wasn’t following her down onto the mattress. ‘We’ll finish that…’ Harrison assured her as his eyes gleamed.”

Mindy’s Review:

Slay all day was an imaginative and lusty book that kept me on the edge of my seat with suspense. I love the fantasy world and every beast in it. Elise is a strong character with so much fun, sass, and stubbornness. The perfect book for this time of year.

“I’m not looking for some happily-ever-after ending. That’s not what hunters do.”

Jennifer’s Review:

Slay All Day by Cynthia Eden was such a delicious and magical Paranormal Romance treat. This adventure of the sassy and sexy main characters Elise and Harrison is suspenseful and action-packed. The story has a little something for everyone who loves Paranormal, but Eden tells the story in a completely original way. Everything unfolded at the perfect pace, and I absolutely loved the slow and gradual reveal. This is the kind of story you can easily devour in one sitting. Absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to read more by Cynthia Eden.

“What woman wouldn’t like for a man to kiss her as if she was the most important thing in his world? To kiss her with a consuming lust? With demanding need? With sweet, sweet possession?”

Autumn’s Review:

From the very beginning, Slay All Day delivered twists, turns, sass, secrets, possessiveness, intrigue, and plenty of scorching hot moments–all mixed with magical imagination that just kept the pages turning for me.

“‘Mine.’ The whisper came from deep inside. That deep, dark place inside that he tried to ignore. A place of savagery and darkness.”

About the Author

Cynthia Eden is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best-seller.

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Cynthia writes sexy tales of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance. Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written over one hundred novels and novellas.

Cynthia lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast. She loves romance novels, horror movies, and chocolate.