Reader's Corner

Kindle Your Romance

So many books and so little time. We all have our own likes and dislikes with books, and it’s so hard to decide which books to read. What about buying a book and realizing UGH! I don’t like this! but…

Reader's Corner

Books in the Boudoir

Romance never dies. It just changes. It’s true those first looks are amazing. You will remember them for the rest of your life, and there will be times in a marriage when you want that look back. Life surrounds you,…

Wandering Novelist

Backpacking & Wine with Zack Hacker

I intended to start by claiming that my favorite part of a trip is the planning phase. Collecting all the guidebooks, zooming in and out on Google Maps, exploring on Tripadvisor—crafting the perfect itinerary. I take great pride in finally…

Wandering Novelist

A Grand Excursion with L.P. Dover

First off, I have to say that out of the gazillion places I’ve been to, Wyoming takes the cake. Don’t get me wrong, I love tropical islands and beaches, but nothing beats the mountains for me, especially the Grand Tetons.…

Wandering Novelist

A Gust in the Wind with Kara Joy

I went Downtown for two nights and three days when a friend came to town. She knew that I was in love with shows from our time at Disney together. We went to Broadway Playhouse and watched Potter Potter. The…

Wandering Novelist

Aruba Escape with Alison Mello

Some family members and I wanted to plan an adult-only getaway. My brother and I both have anniversaries around the same time so we figured this would be an awesome way to celebrate. He and his wife were celebrating their…