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5 Ways to Effectively Stalk an Author


We all have our favorite author who we love to stalk on social media, but are we really showing them our love in all the ways that matter?  As you can imagine, every sale, follow, and like matters in this insanely competitive field, and we all want to be top fans in ways that help the most.

So how can we, as fans, make sure we are helping our favorite authors be successful?

1) Write reviews:

Reviews are extremely important to an author’s success. When you read a book you love, write a review. It’s equally important to review a book even if you didn’t love it. But remember to keep your reviews spoiler free! And be honest, but never mean! Many of us purchase books based solely on the reviews readers leave behind. You can leave reviews on Goodreads, Bookbub, and any other book retailer.

2) Follow them on social media:

Follow your fave authors on all of their social media accounts. This could include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bookbub, Goodreads, and any other sites they are active on. You can help by sharing their cover reveals, teasers, sales, and release day news. In a world that is social media driven, this is a great way to engage in ways that matter most.

3) Word of mouth:

Tell your local libraries, book clubs, and friends about your favorite author’s and their books. Book suggestions are a sure way to help new readers find the author’s they grow to love. Trust me, authors appreciate this more than anything. They truly love their fans.

4) Join street teams:

If you are really invested in your favorite authors, join their street teams. These are fun, interactive groups where you can meet great friends, while having the opportunity to really make a difference. You will also be the first to know big news such as upcoming releases, early cover reveals, and even read blurbs before anyone else. Once you are in these groups, add your friends. There are usually fun giveaways and chances to share things on your own social media. This is also a great time to subscribe to their newsletter. Again, a great way to get information first, as well as, get occasional free books and access to giveaways.

5) Pre-order their books:

Did you know that the pre-order sales assist in helping your favorite author’s make bestseller lists during their release week?  Come on, you know when your favorite author has a new book releasing you are going to buy it, so why not go ahead and pre-order?

Author stalking is actually quite easy, and it can be a lot of fun, too. Just don’t show up at their house. That is not fun.

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Martha is an analyst by day and an avid reader and social media specialist by night. Her love of reading started at an early age. She is a huge supporter of authors, the ID Channel, and Netflix. When she is not interacting in reader groups, you will find her with her kids at youth sports, studying, or working on her next research project.

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