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Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet



There’s something magical that happens when the clock strikes midnight, ringing in the new year. And I’m not talking about the confetti showers or the drunken renditions of Auld Lang Syne, which I still don’t understand the lyrics to, by the way. What’s spectacular about it is that most people are ready to let go of the past year and embrace a new beginning—time to wipe the slate clean. After all, it’s called New Year for a reason, so raise your glass high and toast to a fabulous 2020! This is the year you shine!


“Starting the first of the year, I’m going on a diet!” Sound familiar? It’s easily one of the top resolutions made every year. And on January 1st, we’re highly motivated to lose those unwanted pounds. Junk food is tossed in the trash (GASP) and the clothes that have been hanging on that fancy treadmill are put away, (Raises hand in shame) but as determined as we are to lose weight, it becomes difficult to stay on track, fast. Usually in less than a week, the temptation for that yummy chocolate chip cookie is just too much to fight. So in a moment of weakness, we give in to one cookie, then one turns into two, and so on, and so on… Before we know it, the deafening siren of failure sounds off, along with the neon sign above our heads for dramatic affect. But how did this happen so easily? Are we really that weak?

The truth is, most resolutions end in failure because they’re made impulsively. Instead of researching and setting a realistic plan, we take shortcuts and expect immediate gratification. It doesn’t work that way. If something is truly important to you, invest time and effort into accomplishing your goal. Research, plan, and reach your goals in 2020!


Negativity is toxic! Whether it’s a bad habit or unhealthy relationships, the negativity they bring into our life will eventually poison your body, mind, and soul. Not only do they influence poor decisions, they also hold us back from so much happiness. If you truly want to make 2020 your best year yet, eliminate time spent on things and individuals that corrupt your life. Never allow someone or something to dull your shine! Choose to surround yourself with people who will lift you up and make you sparkle!


Accountability is vital in everyone’s success plan! With life being unpredictable, it’s super easy to stray off course with our goals. Sometimes we just need to enlist the help from others to keep us on track. We all need a good support system in our life! Whether it’s a close friend or family member, choose someone who will encourage you with weekly check-in calls or messages. When you regularly report in with your support source, you’ll want to work twice as hard to show them your progress. Plus, they will be the biggest cheerleader you’ll have in life! Believe in yourself as others believe in you!


When my kids were in elementary school, I remember their principal cornering me during a morning drop-off saying “Please! We desperately need your help with this fundraiser!” A sinking feeling hit my stomach. I wanted to politely decline, but I felt like I would be letting everyone down by saying no. And even though I had a full schedule of very important things, like finishing a novel, I took on the daunting task of managing the school’s major fundraiser. (Yes, I know how stupid I was.) I barely managed to get everything done, but not before overwhelming myself to the point of complete hysteria in a fetal position. It really wasn’t a pretty situation. I wish I could say that was a one-time incident, but it wasn’t. There were lots of ugly cry situations that have occurred over the years, and I brought most of them on myself.  Saying no isn’t letting anyone down, it’s simply knowing your own limits. Don’t neglect yourself or slack on your own goals by taking on too much for others! Remember, your goals matter, too!


Most people will argue that they don’t have any extra time in a day, but have you ever checked to see how much screen time you average on your phone or computer? Trust me, do it and you’ll be shocked by the number.

As a mom, it’s especially hard to find extra time to spend on yourself. Plus, we feel guilty, but listen, ladies! You deserve and need those self-care moments!

Repeat after me: “I deserve time for myself!”

So, do yourself a huge favor this year and trade twenty minutes of Facebook time a day for a hot bath, read a good book, or even take a quick walk on your treadmill. Personal time is vital to our happiness. By the way, I highly recommend hiding in the laundry room. Trust me, no one will bother you in there! Make the goal to make lots of time for yourself in 2020! Because you deserve it!

We wish you lots of LUV, happiness, and blessings in 2020! This is your year! May you shine brighter than ever! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

About the Contributor

Mia Michelle fell in love with the world of books the very first time she stepped inside of her small hometown library. Growing up, she loved to spend time losing herself in the world of make believe by creating her own imaginative stories. The gift of a leather journal for her eighth birthday inspired her dream of one day becoming a writer. Though she kept most of her writing private over the years, a childhood best friend read the first draft of Rose of Thorne and encouraged her to take the leap of faith to bring her dream to life.

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Tina Alicea
Tina Alicea

Thanks Mia for the positive inspiration! Great blog….I need all the encouragement I can get!!👍👊😁❤

Candice Shaffer
Candice Shaffer

Needed this today thank you!

Beverley Kahnt
Beverley Kahnt

Thanks Mia for the great words of wisdom! It’s good to see someone that truly understands.